The Best Partnership of This Month, GameFi and AVStar Capital

2 min readOct 9, 2021


GameFi and AVStar Capital into partnership, then this is a breakthrough that deserves to be celebrated. At this time it is official that AVStar has collaborated with GameFi which is the scope of all game finance hubs in the blockchain gaming business.

GameFi and AVStar Capital Partnership

Cooperation will not be formed without the benefits contained in it. GameFi is a platform that usually serves gamers, investors and blockchain traders who are in one guild and aggregator. Yet it remains alongside a dedicated launch pad for games.

This guild and launchpad you can understand very well why GameFi has achieved such great achievements. It’s worth noting that BSC and Polygon are now rapidly attracting some of the leading games in the blockchain space. Of course, many games are actively implementing the new model.

The newest model is the play2Earn model which can easily drive player adoption and ownership. GameFi itself is a collection of results for gamers and holders of BSC and Polygon game tokens. This collaboration certainly reaps many very satisfying results.

In addition, what makes AVStar Capital interested in collaborating is GameFi which provides a wide selection of the most creative games in the industry and the first market, namely for trading cross-border game items.

Best platform GameFi

Gaming and Crypto have now both recognized that the utility of digital assets and the value of scarcity have been clearly defined. You can see the explosion from inside the blockhain game which is unavoidable.

Of course GameFi pioneered the framework for Crypto games namely to advance delivery. Advanced delivery is the delivery of meta-projects through a variety of smart contracts that are pre-designed and ready to be integrated to a wide audience. Of course, the various costs contained in it apply to items that take place in the game market.

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