The popular news today is the news of Elemon joined AVStar Capital investment portofolio, this is officially announced. That AVStar Capital and Elemon join in a partnership and will work together to implement various programs. Of course this is very proud news.

AVStar Capital and Elemon

This openly announced pride declares that AVStar itself…

There are many types of investment and promotion programs in the AVStar September community portfolio. There are countless recent portfolio reports for avstar partner projects. The portfolio is continuously updated every month for improvement.

What is the AVStar September Community Update?

1. Invested Projects

The AVStar community in September noted that a lot was invested. Counted 50…

AVStar is updating their portofolio, as June 2021 AVStar has achieved many investments and countless promotion programs for AVStar Partner Projects.

According to the Indonesian Central Securities Depository, the number of Indonesian capital market investors as of 29 December 2020 reached 3,871 million, and is growing to 4.2 million as…



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